WordPress Quick Fix Service

WordPress Issues can show up when you least expect it. We are ready.

Quick Fix Support Service for WordPress

When your WordPress site encounters a problem and you need prompt assistance, our Quick Fix service is here to support you. We specialize in quickly diagnosing and resolving issues, ensuring your site gets back to normal in no time.

If you’re facing a roadblock with WordPress, we’re here to simplify the resolution process for you. From the moment you reach out to us for help, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way as we implement a solution.

While we can’t possibly list all the tasks we can handle on this page, rest assured that we can tackle almost anything except for custom development and design changes. Our service is designed to efficiently resolve unexpected disasters or fix any persistent issues you may be facing with your WordPress site.

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Billed Monthly/Yearly

How it works (super easy)

You tell us the issue

Let us know the specific details about what is happening with your WordPress website. Whether it’s an error message you can copy & paste to us, or perhaps an issue better explained in a screenshot – let us know!

We investigate

We’ll take a look at all of the details you provided and then start connecting the dots. Once we have identified the issue, we’ll notify you on the next steps and any other important information you need to know.

We get it fixed

Definitely the most exciting part. We’ll get to work on fixing the issue (after taking a backup of course), and then we’ll notify you once everything is good to go, alongside provide an explanation of what we did.

Common WordPress Issues (that we fix)

Database Errors

The database stores all of your WordPress data such as posts, pages, WooCommerce orders and more.

White Screen of Death

Probably the least helpful WordPress error you can come across. Luckily, there is always a reason!

Internal Server Error

You definitely don’t want to see this error, and typically WordPress doesn’t tell you much else (which isn’t nice).

404 Errors

The road to nowhere – or is it? There could be many reasons for a 404, but usually the path can always be found.

Plugin Issues

Most likely you have many plugins installed, and sometimes one, or even several of them can go wrong.

Theme Issues

The theme is what everyone can see, and sometimes it can look worse for wear or completely not what you expect.

Web Hosting Issues

Technically the backbone to your website appearing on the internet, and it has it’s up’s and down’s.

PHP Memory Issues

People can get exhausted, and so can your PHP memory limits, which can lead to further WordPress issues.

WordPress Updates

Keeping WordPress up-to-date is super important for both security and performance reasons.

Critical Errors

This error definitely sounds terrifying when you first see it, but behind the fearful wording is a solution.

Locked out of WP-Admin

Are you feeling locked out in the cold? Or perhaps you are just locked out of WordPress Admin for some reason.

SSL Certificate

Is WordPress or your browser telling you something is not secure? It’s definitely important to get this figured out.

We could keep going, but you get the idea. We fix WordPress issues!

Common WordPress Support Requests (that we help with)

WordPress Install & Setup

Install a fresh copy of WordPress (alongside any plugins and themes) to your web hosting environment.

Plugin Install & Setup

Install a plugin to your WordPress website, and have it configured based on your requirements.

Theme Install & Setup

Install a theme to your WordPress website, and have it configured based on your requirements.

Web Hosting Configuration

Make changes to your web hosting configuration, including PHP settings, domain settings and more.

SSL Certificate

Configure an SSL certificate for your WordPress website to ensure connections are secure.

Import/Export Content

Import or export content within WordPress, such as posts, pages, images, plugin settings and more. 

Configure Backups

Configure a backup system that will automatically backup your WordPress website at regular intervals.

Setup Contact Form

Create and configure a contact form that delivers notifications based on your requirements.,

Setup Email Address

Create and configure an email inbox based on your company branding, and configure WordPress email sending.

Update WordPress Domain

Update the domain name that is used for your WordPress installation, and ensure all content shows correctly.

WordPress Security

Review WordPress security and implement changes to secure and harden your WordPress website from attacks.

Configure Redirects

Setup custom redirection rules that will redirect specific URL’s from one location to another.

This is just a small example of what we can help with!

Let us know how we can help